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Nanchang EPP Packaging Market Demand
EPP has been developing rapidly for more than ten years since its introduction. The world market was 70,000 tons in 1999 and more than 2 million tons in 2008. China's consumption in 2008 was 25,000 tons, but due to its difficult production technology, currently only a few large companies in a few countries can produce. China's EPP market is completely monopolized by Japanese JSP and Kaneka companies. They have factories in Suzhou and Wuxi. The price per ton (excluding tax) is 40,000 to 6,0000 yuan. Expensive prices limit its wide application. .
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江西 宜春 新余 上饶 萍乡 九江 赣州 抚州 南昌 鹰潭 Regional Sub-station Jiangxi Yichun Xinyu Shangrao Pingxiang Jiujiang Ganzhou Fuzhou Nanchang Yingtan
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