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Nanchang EPP material properties and uses
EPP has low specific gravity, good elasticity, shock resistance, high deformation recovery rate, good absorption performance, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to various chemical solvents, no water absorption, insulation, heat resistance (-40 ~ 130 ℃), non-toxic It is odorless, 100% recyclable and has almost no degradation in performance. It is a truly environmentally friendly foam. EPP beads can be molded into various shapes of EPP products in the mold of the molding machine.
EPP is widely used in automobiles, such as bumper core materials, bumper blocks, ceilings and other lining parts, door padding, headrests, sun visors, etc., which can save fuel consumption and improve the safety factor of passengers.
EPP has been widely used in the packaging industry, such as electronic products, medical devices, etc., especially in the packaging of export products, according to environmental protection requirements has become an irreplaceable packaging. Because of its non-toxicity and high temperature resistance, it is also widely used in food packaging and microwave heating.
  • Nanchang EPP material
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