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What is EPS foam, such as those in bicycle helmets, racing helmets, etc. The reason why EPS foam can be used as shock absorption data is that this information contains 3 to 6 million independent closed bubbles per square meter. EPS can change different functions and features through different improvements. Although the protection function is good, it is not good that this information cannot be recovered and cannot be naturally degraded. Moreover, harmful gases will occur during incineration, which often cause different degrees of damage. "White pollution". EPP material EPP is one of the three best materials. It has very good shock absorption, high recovery rate after deformation, and good heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and heat insulation of Jiangxi EPP packaging products . , It will not have any chemical reaction at 400 degrees of high temperature, without any release of harmful substances; in addition, its light weight can greatly reduce the weight of the article. (EPP is a commonly used material for racing helmets, car bumpers, side impact bumpers, high-end car child seats and dashboards. Most imported safety seats use this material.)
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