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EPP is the abbreviation of Expanded Polypropylene, which is the abbreviation of a new type of foam plastic. EPP is a polypropylene plastic foam material, which is a highly crystalline polymer / gas composite material with excellent performance. With its unique and superior performance, it has become the fastest-growing new type of environmentally friendly compression buffer insulation material. EPP is also an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled and reused. Nanchang EPP foam can be naturally degraded without causing white pollution.
  • Nanchang EPP foam
江西 宜春 新余 上饶 萍乡 九江 赣州 抚州 南昌 鹰潭 Regional Sub-station Jiangxi Yichun Xinyu Shangrao Pingxiang Jiujiang Ganzhou Fuzhou Nanchang Yingtan
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