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How did the Jiangxi bubble come out?
Time: 2019-12-02 08:22:46 Source: Nanchang Dezheng Industry Co., Ltd.

The base material of foam plastic is called "Polystyrene" (PS), which is a product produced by the polymerization of styrene monomer. However, polystyrene itself does not foam, but has a foaming property by adding an additive that easily generates an expandable gas at high temperatures during the synthesis reaction. The EPS product produced after the polymerization reaction is granular, small white opaque beads, and the diameter varies according to the reaction conditions. These EPS particles actually contain additives inside, so once the heat reaches the temperature, the gas will be released, causing the particles to expand and form pores inside, and the expanded particle shell will become soft. It will be deformed and stuck, forming irregular patterns on the surface and inside of the foam board that we see. If it is not bound by the mold, it will swell into small white balls.

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