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Raw material composition of Nanchang plastic foam
Time: 2018-12-19 09:37:01 Source: Nanchang Dezheng Industry Co., Ltd.

Raw material composition of Nanchang plastic foam

The main raw materials of Nanchang Plastic Foam are polystyrene, talc, calcium stearate, butane and so on.

Polystyrene: Its production process is the polymerization reaction of monomer styrene in a sealed reactor under the action of high temperature and pressure and catalyst. Although styrene is an aromatic compound, its reaction is carried out under sealed and anaerobic conditions, no conditions for generating dioxins, and it meets food hygiene and requirements. Talc powder: It is an inorganic mineral (magnesium silicate containing crystal water). The amount of talc is about 1%. It acts as a nucleating agent and is medical grade.
Calcium stearate: Saturated fatty acid salts, used at about 1%, as a lubricant, medical grade.

Butane: saturated hydrocarbon, foaming agent. In the past, some production lines have used Freon as a blowing agent. In order to protect the atmospheric ozone layer, with the assistance of the United Nations "multilateral funds", all butane blowing agents have been used.

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