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Application and process of plastic foam in Jiangxi
Time: 2018-09-14 14: 36: 03Source: Nanchang Dezheng Industry Co., Ltd.
由于其质轻、坚固、吸震、低吸潮、易成型及良好的耐水性、绝热性、价格低等特点,被广泛地应用于包装、保温、防水、隔热、减震等领域,是当今世界上应用最广泛的塑料之一。 Application: Jiangxi plastic foam is widely used in packaging, thermal insulation, waterproofing, thermal insulation, shock absorption due to its light weight, strong, shock absorption, low moisture absorption, easy molding, good water resistance, heat insulation, low price And other fields, is one of the most widely used plastics in the world today. It can be applied to shock-proof packaging of electrical appliances, instruments, crafts and other fragile valuables, as well as packaging of fast food.

江西塑料泡沫 的生产过程全部为物理混合过程,滑石粉主要用于吸收热量,无化学反应:丁烷发泡剂被包覆在熔融的聚苯乙烯树脂中,膨胀成为泡空。 Process flow: Jiangxi plastic foam production process is all physical mixing process, talc is mainly used to absorb heat, no chemical reaction: butane foaming agent is coated in molten polystyrene resin, and expands to become hollow.
江西 宜春 新余 上饶 萍乡 九江 赣州 抚州 南昌 鹰潭 Regional Sub-station Jiangxi Yichun Xinyu Shangrao Pingxiang Jiujiang Ganzhou Fuzhou Nanchang Yingtan
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