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Nanchang Foam Factory reminds everyone how to judge the quality of furniture packaging foam
Time: 2018-06-04 16: 16: 56Source: Nanchang Dezheng Industry Co., Ltd.
At present, there are various types of foam products. Materials made of foam have a variety of applications, such as furniture packaging, lighting packaging, and bubble bags, which bring us a lot of usefulness. So how to judge the quality of the product? Nanchang Foam Factory ( will come with you to see how good the quality of furniture packaging foam materials from which aspects to check.
1. Look at the softness. Only the soft pearl cotton can play a good role in protecting the product during transportation. This is the most important point.
2. In view of thermal insulation, the products produced by many foam manufacturers have temperature requirements during transportation. If the temperature does not meet the standards, the effect of transportation is not good, and it is likely that the two parties will cause disputes.

3. Look at the water resistance. Another important indicator of pearl cotton is water resistance. Usually, pearl cotton is a foam material with independent air bubbles. This standard is to protect the transported products from the external weather and climate.

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