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about us

Nanchang Dezheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Jinxian, Jiangxi. The company is committed to providing customers with superior services based on the concept of "rain and everything, Hongze Youren". The company specializes in the production of EPP, foam packaging, Jiangxi Foam Factory , Jiangxi Plastic Foam , Nanchang Foam Factory , Nanchang Plastic Foam , widely used in EPP toy airplanes, flying saucers, car bumpers, sun visors, rear boxes, sound insulation boards, tool boxes, Highly flexible packaging for precision machinery and various displays.
Nanchang Dezheng Industrial Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the marketing principle of “priority to ensure the interests of customers as its own responsibility”, according to customer needs and feedback, to provide customers with quality products, professional advice and related value-added services in a timely manner. "Doing our best to be better", providing professional, reliable and timely high-quality services to customers with different needs has always been the company's unchanged operating policy.
Dezheng Industry will provide you with excellent products with good reputation, warm and thoughtful service and competitive prices. Do your best for you and your company, and hope that with the efforts of each other, we will become your company's honest partner!
Service concept: Pursue excellence and create value for customers! Phone: 13970890889
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江西 宜春 新余 上饶 萍乡 九江 赣州 抚州 南昌 鹰潭 Regional Sub-station Jiangxi Yichun Xinyu Shangrao Pingxiang Jiujiang Ganzhou Fuzhou Nanchang Yingtan
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